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Munich Stag Weekends

If you are in the mood for some world class beer served by the most charming and friendly hosts and hostesses donning lederhosen and lace aprons then a...

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sit to Munich, one of Germany's most popular cities is highly recommended. This European capital of culture is a paradise for beer lovers with a fabulous selection of beers, an equally tantalising range of meats and spicy sausages and its world famous 'Oktoberfest' celebrations. This is a place with a deep and rich history, beautiful architecture and a wide assortment of museums and galleries. There is a wealth of activities and ideas that you and your fellow stags can be getting up to on your days here as well as any evening shenanigans your party would like to partake in.


Whatever culture vultures you may have in your stag party will be in heaven in this significant world ranking destination. There are countless museums and galleries charting everything from the cities proud and successful technological and automotive industries to German history and local treasures to its theatrical memorabilia to displays of toys from yesteryear. Music has a rich traditional belonging in Munich and the chance to attend a reasonably priced orchestral performance is something that is always there.

Famous for/ Must see:

The Oktoberfest is world famous as the number one beer festival, happening in September/ October every year. If your party is lucky enough to be travelling at this time of year, be prepared for a party like no other, celebrating the thing so many of us stags love to drink. Make sure to get your accommodation booked early. Munich, as one might expect, has a fine repertoire of award winning breweries to make sure your party is well oiled. Munich is also the home to many worldwide corporations such as BMW or Siemens and the BMW museum is an enjoyable show, next door to their state of the art headquarters. The sports fans among you will find it hard to contain their emotions with a visit to the majestic Allianz Arena sports venue, the home of the 2013 Champions of Europe, Bayern Munich.

Travel info:

Air - Being right in the centre of the whole continent, Munich becomes the most approachable city in the whole of Europe with flights available to and from international cities all over. The airport is only around 30 minutes by car or by train from the city centre.

Rail - There are also trains servicing all of the rest of Germany as well as that of mainland Europe. Berlin is only 6 hours by high speed rail, Paris is also about 6 hours, Prague is 5 and Vienna is 4. Road - Germanys expansive Autobahn network connects Munich to localities in every direction of the compass.

Stag do ideas:

If you guys are lucky enough to be here in the colder months then a fantastic daytime opportunity is that of a visit to the Zugspitzplatt where you can go skiing and other snow surface activities in this resort in the northern Alps, 90 minutes from Munich by car. Or why not have a cruise round the city on your own private mobile bar on wheels. Cycle round the city's sights and drink beer at the same time. 6 people per bar to guzzle through the on-board keg, could there be a better mode of transport? Leave those who are afraid of heights on the ground at the Olympic Stadium while the adrenaline junkies among you do a roof walk and zip down dangling from the flying fox cable, or abseil down the side. And with the ever-growing list of things to do around the city there won't be a dull moment in your whole time here.

Night life:

When evening sets in, you'd want to be ready for a whole lot more action on the Munich night life scene. It doesn't really matter whether you want to chill out and drink away in a beer hall or a fun night dancing at a trendy dance club, Munich has it all, and a whole lot of choices in between. Lamms food and restaurant on Sendlingertorplatz is a magnificent spot serving 24 hours a day and is great if you fancy a typical German experience. Beer halls abound and the vast array of cutting edge dance clubs astounds. Optimolwerke on Friendenstrasse is one of the best techno themed bastions of hedonism where unforgettable nights are the norm.


Munich is the capital city of Bavaria in southern Germany which oozes German culture and with its population of 1.4 million it is chock full with wonderful sights, architecture and activities to make a dream stag weekend. Its Oktoberfest is world famous as are its Bavarian beer halls and their legendary booze fuelled experiences. It's got a diverse and fascinating collection of museums and galleries to be visited with an intriguing heritage to be experienced. There is a strong arts presence in the city with film festivals a regular occurrence and many orchestra performances, exhibitions, shows and events


The recorded history of this enchanting city goes back to the 12th century when the city was founded by the duke of Saxony. Prior to this it wasn't a lot more than a small settlement around a Benedictine monastery. It subsequently passed ownership through a few dynasties and in 1505 it was named as the capital of Bavaria. The marriage of its Prince Ludwig in 1810 brought its first Oktoberfest. The city really expanded after 1826 when it became a university town. The Soviets then the Nazis took hold of the city in the 1920's and 30's and the city underwent vast destruction before the Americans marched in in 1945. The city got back on its feet in subsequent decades and has become today a shining example of a prosperous city with many publishing houses, multinationals and booming technological and automotive sectors.

Food/ Restaurants:

Your stags will not be short of culinary choices on their visit to this quintessentially German metropolis. There is a wide variety of traditional German sausages and meat products as well as a plethora of alternative European cuisine as well as foods from international sources further afield. Restaurant Alter Wirt near the zoo is a cosy German establishment with well-prepared Bavarian delicacies to remind you partiers of where you are. Another recommended establishment offering the finest local dishes is Dallmayr on Dienerstrasse where you are guaranteed to taste the best cuisine Germany has to offer.

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